Closing Commercial Real Estate deals can move at a much faster rate. Here's how:

Being apart of the Office Furniture industry since 1997 has polished our impeccable planning and coordination processes to allow for minimal disruptions to our clients’ operations. We understand that being responsive is crucial to complete installations/projects, so we pride ourselves with being great communicators. We have established solid relationships with key vendors that enable us to respond to your clients’ needs. Based on responses from past customer service surveys, 86% of our clients answered “Excellent” when asked about their overall experience with WPS. Here are a few testimonials from previous/recurring clients that praise our employees and their work ethics:

“Great Customer Service from Alondra with all our needs always responsive. Also the quality of work done was great and the installers were very professional and fast, left area clean. I give them an A++”

-Refugio C., Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

“The product is wonderful and the installers did an outstanding time each time we ordered. But Geoff Mote was an absolute joy to work with.”

-Julie V., Senior Secretary

“WPS is my favorite furniture vendor since I have been with Cushman and Wakefield for almost 10 years now. In this profession it's all about service & they are by far the very best & would recommend them to anyone.”

-Linda L., Space & Occupancy Planner

You might ask yourself: how can WPS assist us with closing a deal for a building? Well, we can create inspirational renderings that showcase our potential to fit EVERY space in the your clients’ future office. These spaces include break rooms, conference rooms, collaboration areas, private offices, etc. Even though we have a variety of new furniture to choose from, working with existing furniture is a possibility for your client. Assisting your client with their moving process helps us determine if a simple reconfigure of their current furniture is enough or if additional furniture is necessary.

WPS is a “one-stop-shop” starting from the initial contact with your client, creating specs and designs for them, and then working with our vendors to layout their budget. We reach out to your prospective clients, who are looking for furniture solutions, within the first 24-48 hours. Our reliable services minimize operational disruptions and avoid surprises to make the moving process for your client trouble-free. 97% of our clients answered “Very Easy” when asked how easy was it working with us. Rest assured that your client will become content with our detail-oriented furniture consultants, project managers, designers, and installers.

The transition of filling in an office space can be tedious to your client. We're very understanding of each individual's needs with the same result of boosting employee morale. Employee retention is a familiar subject to us, our employee tenure average is 11 years, with the longest-serving employee at 21 years! Besides the aesthetic look and feel of a workplace, we like to find a use for every available space in the office. For example, architectural walls can create collaborative spaces that bring innovative ideas to life and acoustic panels can absorb sound within elegant designs.

If you’re interested in partnering with a company that’s going to provide functional solutions with exceptional customer service, then you’ve come to the right place. Can we have 15 minutes of your time to discuss how we can help motivate your client to sign that new lease/deal? Give us a call or fill out this form, and we will acknowledge your request within 48 hours.