Recycled Office Furniture: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Business

Remanufacturing and refurbishing diverts worn office furniture out of landfills and back into the consumer market by restoring it to like new. Workplace Solutions offers this service to its clients. Remanufactured office furniture is becoming the furniture of choice for more and more companies because it provides several benefits. 

  • Design: Instead of a pre-determined selection of fabrics and finishes, remanufactured furniture allows you and your designer complete creative freedom. You can refinish your current office furniture to match any color and design scheme, as refurbished furniture offers an almost limitless range of colors and fabrics.

  • Cost Benefits: Office furniture represents a significant investment for most companies and buying recycled is an excellent cost-cutting opportunity, generally savings of 30 to 50 percent.

  • Environmental Benefits: The EPA has estimated that approximately 3 million tons of office furniture are discarded each year. Recycling office furniture conserves labor and manufacturing energy. The amount of labor and energy required to alter an existing product during remanufacturing is 85 to 95 percent less than required to manufacture a new product.

New Office Furniture: Green Solutions

Many of our vendors for new office furniture are focused on providing environmentally-friendly options for the workplace. Please speak with your sales representative if you're interested in learning more about our newly manufactured green products.

  • Made in America: Domestically produced products cut down on pollution from international transport and fuel costs.

  • Materials: Many options exist for low-emission materials what can be recycled.

  • Heirloom-quality: New products that are built to last allow them to live with customers throughout their lives.