Chairs Buyer's Guide: Where to buy

Where to Buy Chairs

From a Dealer
Most companies purchasing mid- to high-end furniture will go through a dealer to furnish their office. Workplace Solutions typically sells products from key manufactures, and then complement these lines with a select number of smaller more niche vendor lines.

Advantages of working with dealers, like Workplace Solutions, include their ability to obtain a wide variety of designs and to offer samples for prospective buyers to examine.

Companies planning to place a large order will even be able to bring a few models into the office for evaluation by your staff.

Buying Direct
Buying furniture direct is an option for companies interested in purchasing budget to mid-market furniture. 

Because direct vendors do not have the high overhead of maintaining dealer showrooms, seating is typically priced 20%-40% lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Pricing becomes even better when you purchase multiple units.

However, buying direct does mean that you will be unable to try out the furniture before you make your purchase. At best, distributors will send fabric swatches and wood chips to help with product selection.

If you are planning on purchasing seating through a direct vendor, make sure to try at least one chair before buying multiple units. Keep in mind that if you later decide that you want to return your purchase, you are likely to be responsible for return shipping. In addition, you may be subject to a restocking fee of as much as 15 percent.

Buying from a Superstore
Superstores offer many advantages for businesses buying low-end seating. These stores buy products in bulk, allowing them to sell at very low prices. In addition, models are available right on the floor, allowing you to try them out before you buy. Finally, superstores often provide immediate and free delivery.

Despite these advantages, superstores tend to be a poor choice for most firms. The furniture on display is generally designed for use in a home office, and does not offer the comfort or durability of better designs. In addition, selection tends to be fairly limited.