Chairs Buyer's Guide: Buying Multiple Chairs

Buying Multiple Chairs

If you are outfitting the entire company, it is not practical to provide each person with a custom-fitted chair.  

Instead, you will want to find a chair that is adjustable enough to fit most people in the firm. This means that the chair is capable of supporting different positions, tasks, and body shapes.

Adjustability can be accomplished in two primary ways. An active chair allows the user to fix the chair in various positions, while a passive chair adjusts to fit the body's actions. The superiority of each type has been a source of ongoing debate; you will need to decide which you prefer.

At minimum, the chair should be equipped with a lift that can raise and lower the seat height, as well as an adjustable backrest. Some models also include separate parts for the lower and upper back. Armrests can be made to move back and forth, as well as up and down. There are even chairs whose seat backs can be adjusted in and out to accommodate different leg lengths.