Tips on selecting your reception station:

First impressions make a great impact on your customers, so picking the right reception station is important!


What image do you want to send to your customer?

Buying a good looking reception station is important to maintaining a image of quality. You also want to portray an image that is consistent with the value of your company. If you are a conservative business, then you will want a conservative looking station.  Regardless of your business, you want your reception area to look good.

 How will the reception station fit with your overall look of your office?

If you are setting up the office for the first time or are completely changing the decor of your office than there will be more flexibility. Many times that is not the case and you must choose something that matches, blends, and/or compliments your existing office. We offer over forty different color options in most of our reception stations.

 How large should the station be?

The dimensions will vary based upon how much space you have and also with the function of the receptionist.  All of our units are fully customizable from just the front shell to a large U-unit.  All of our units also can be purchased in different sizes to fit your space. The decision of how large the unit should be is also dependent on how many employees will be working behind the reception station.  We are capable of adding on to most units if necessary.  We will be happy to go over your space plan with you and aid you in making a decision with the space you have. 

 Do you have the station for my budget?

Yes, we have multiple vendors that sell reception units in different price ranges.  Our knowledgeable staff will find you the best value for your budget. If there is a need, we can provide furniture for your whole reception area at discounted prices. 

 What is the function of your receptionist?

Many times the receptionist does more than just directing calls and meeting and greeting.  The receptionists' duties will dictate how much filing and storage you will need. It is important to have enough storage for the receptionist to allow for a neat and organized environment.

 What is your time frame?

Much of products are in-stock and ship within a few days.  We are committed to the most prompt shipment possible for all of our products. Call us with your lead-time needs.