Performing simple stretches throughout the workday increases circulation and flexibility,
improves posture, and reduces tension and the chance of injury. Here are some stretches
specifically designed for individuals who spend time sitting while working at a desk or on a

To get the best results: Exercise and take short breaks frequently

  • You can do just a few of the following exercises anytime during the day. Try some of them before you get stiff and sore.
  • Exercise is one of the best ways you can improve your posture.
  • Include a variety of movements in your workday.
  • It's important to take shorter (even 15 seconds) breaks more frequently rather than one longer break.
  • Hold each stretch for five to ten seconds and repeat each exercise three to five times, or perform as directed in the accompanying instructions.
  • To improve flexibility, strength and endurance, try holding each exercise a little longer or doing more repetitions.
  • When stretching, you will feel a slight pull on the muscle. If this becomes mildly uncomfortable (especially if you feel radiating pain), ease off or stop the stretch.
  • Remember, movement is necessary for health and comfort. Simply standing up and taking a deep breath each hour will improve your comfort and health.

See your healthcare provider before exercising if you are experiencing any medical concerns. EXERCISE SHOULD NOT CAUSE PAIN!